How We Calculated Factory and State Jobs Losses
* Arrival at Actual Job Loss Estimates Per Factory:  
- We Had Several Experts Look at Each of the Factory Pictures to Estimate Jobs Lost Per
Factory by using the following factors to derive the estimate:
 1) The Approximate Building Square Footage
 2) The Type of Manufacturing Performed at the Site
 3) The Labor Intensiveness of that Particular Type of Manufacturing at the Time
 4) Any available statistics available for the factory/plant in terms of employment
      (example - The Homestead Steel plant in PA was known to employ 15,000 workers
        during WWII according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
 5) Any Other Factors Such as Text or Writings Included With the Postcard

* Arrival at Job Loss Estimates Per State:  
- We Estimated/Calculated Total Job Losses by State Via the Following Rationale/Calculations:
 1) Per Post Card Experts, Factory Postcard Images Were only Produced for ~5% of all
      Known Factories in the US Since 1880. 5% = 1/20th of 100 (20x a number to make 100%)
 2) This Site Captures a Small Percentage (less than 10-20%) of All Factory Postcards.
      We did not take this into account for our calculations, but if we did, our multiplying factor
      would be greater than 20x or 30x that we used for each State.
 3) State Losses are therefore calculated as follows (conservative calculations):
      A) Sum the Estimated Jobs Lost For All State Factories (using the higher range job loss estimate)
      B) Multiply Total Job Losses x20 (due to the fact that the images in this site represent
           no more than 5% of the total factories).  We used 30x for heavy industrial states
           where we had very few factory post cards (<3% = 1/30th or 30x losses to make 100%).

The total number of jobs losses documented in this site, without a multiplier, is currently approaching
600,000. So, even if you disagree with our method for calculating total job losses per state above,
the number of jobs we determined lost is still staggering.